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Wild, Wild, Duke (The Wayward Yorks, Book 3) (Ebook)

Wild, Wild, Duke (The Wayward Yorks, Book 3) (Ebook)

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She’s at the mercy of a wild, wild duke. Trouble is, she’s not sure how wild he truly is…

There was a time when Wolfe Huges, sixth Duke of Montague, pined for Lady Kate Brassel. But that was years ago. Now, she’s nothing to him but the widow of an old friend who owed him an obscene amount of money. So, imagine his surprise when Kate suggests a highly improper—and pleasurable—means to settle the debt…

Kate is at her wit’s end. If she wants to protect her son’s inheritance, she’ll have to pay her husband’s debt with the only thing of value she has left. Her body. And since Wolfe has no interest in marrying, that would make her his mistress. She never thought she’d fall so far from grace. Or that she’d enjoy it. But here she is…

It’s not long before Kate learns there’s more to Wolfe than meets the eye—and Wolfe realizes his love for Kate might be more than a memory. But when it matters most, will they take their second chance at happily ever after? Or is their romance doomed to end in heartbreak?

Wild, Wild, Duke, book 3 in the Wayward Yorks series. A sexy and spicy, enemies to lovers Regency historical romance. Download today and get ready to fall for Wolfe and Kate.

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Kate stared at the Duke of Montague and could not reconcile that the gentleman who sat before her, a brooding and bullying beast, was the same man who had tempted her heart several years before.
His cold, calculated tone grated on emotions that lingered after the death of her husband a year before.
"A thousand pounds," she repeated, unable to comprehend the sum of debt her husband was in with His Grace. How had George come to owe so much? She knew he enjoyed a night or two at his clubs or gaming hells, but a thousand pounds? How was one ever to repay His Grace?
The duke leaned into the wingback chair, folding his legs as if the amount did not signify to him, but of course, it did. He would not be here in her home, asking her to pay it back if it did not.
"I will require time to settle it, Your Grace. I'm unsure how to deduct such an amount from my son's inheritance. I will have to consult my steward on our financial position."
"You may do as you wish, but I have waited over a year already to have this amount paid back and now no longer wish to." He paused and met her eyes. No ounce of compassion or regret stared back at her. But she supposed that was to be expected after all the time that had passed since her first Season. Whatever they may have had, if anything, before she married Lord Brassel was long gone.
"Your steward will guide you, and I'm certain you'll be able to settle the amount within the week."
"The week." Kate slumped into the chair across from him, biting her lip to stop the tears that threatened. "Can you not give me more time than that? You have waited a year already. What is a fortnight at least more?"
"More time than I need to grant." The stony facade he set on his features eased a little, and for the first time in years, she saw a flicker of the man she had once known. "I do not demand the money out of spite or malicious intent. George was one of my closest friends, and I will forever miss him, but he was also lax in his honor. He promised me he would pay within a week of losing the money, and a year later, I'm still waiting. I am sorry for your loss, but I'm leaving for my Scottish estate soon and wish to have all my affairs here in town tidied up. I'm not certain when I shall return."
Kate nodded, hoping the steward could help her as quickly as the duke wished. She met his eyes and wondered for a moment what would have happened had she promenaded with His Grace as he had asked her to. Of course, she had attended Hyde Park as arranged, but instead of the duke arriving to escort her, Lord Brassel had instead, and the rest was a whirlwind of flattery and flowers that ended with an understanding before she knew it.
"The Wild Wolfe of London is leaving?" The words slipped from her lips before she could rip them back. His eyes narrowed, but instead of denying the name synonymous with him, he merely cocked his lips into a wicked grin and nodded.
"One must hang up his title at some point, but alas, my departure is not permanent. However, my travels to Scotland are tedious and lengthy. My estate is situated in the Highlands, so I do not wish to be rushing up there merely to return here before I must."
Kate couldn't help but wonder if a woman was part of why he was traveling so far north. Maybe he had a sweetheart hidden away all these years whom he was finally going to propose to? It would not be the first time such a thing occurred, but something told her His Grace was not so romantic, or the marrying kind.
Far from it, considering what he demanded from her this day.
"So you'll be leaving before the Season has finished. I'm sure many hearts will break, Your Grace."
He shrugged and did not recognize her attempt to lighten the mood. She had been hoping that he might change his mind if he could feel a little pity for her and this situation. Forgive the debt, or let her pay it off over time.
"I do not care for the ladies of the ton, Lady Brassel. My being here, demanding a debt to be paid, is proof of that. I am, of course, like you, part of the upper echelons of society, but I do not care for it like you do. I find the women most unpredictable, and that is nothing I want to associate with."
Kate gaped and, realizing such a fact, snapped her mouth closed. Was his thinly veiled barb aimed at her? Was he generalizing his statement but meaning her instead?
He had a lot of gall, considering he was the one who stood her up at the park all those years ago—he had sent his best friend in his stead when he had not wanted to tell her himself that he was no longer interested in promenading. She would not have been offended had he been honest, maybe slightly disappointed, but nothing more.
The cur.
"I'm meeting my steward today, so you're fortunate in that at least," she said, standing and wanting to end this farce of a meeting. His Grace had made it clear that their friendship was long over, and George's demise only finalized that fact. "Good day to you, Your Grace."
He stood, towering over her yet again, and bowed. "Lady Brassel, a pleasure as always."

Main Tropes

  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Scandalous Arrangement
  • Regency Romance
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