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The Royal House of Atharia Box Set, Books 1-3

The Royal House of Atharia Box Set, Books 1-3

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To Dream of You

After months spent in hiding, Princess Holly is finally ready to take her rightful place as ruler of Atharia. All she has to do now is survive her murderous uncle’s attempts to steal the throne for himself. But when a mysterious gentleman washes up on the shores of her beach, she’s shocked to realize she needs his help almost as much as he needs hers …

When Drew Meyers left his estate, his plan was to escape the arranged marriage, his scheming father brokered for him. The storm that nearly killed him was not part of the plan. Neither was meeting her. Holly is everything he ever wanted, and he will do anything to keep her safe and get her home—even if doing so means he’ll be forced to let her go forever…

A union between a princess and a lowly future duke is forbidden. But as intrigue abounds and their enemies circle, will Drew and Holly defy the obligations and expectations that stand between them to take a chance on love? Or is their happily ever after merely a dream?

A Royal Proposition

She’s all that stands between him and his dream. But maybe it’s time for a new dream…

Princess Alessa is
finally free. Now that her sister is Queen and their rightful place in Atharia is secure, she can embark on a Season in London and begin work to help the less fortunate. Or she could—if only her gruff, blunt, and entirely too handsome guard would stay out of her way…

Rowan Oakley is on the verge of having the wealth and security he’s always craved. All he must do to earn it is kill the fiery, obstinate, and very enticing Alessa. It’s an easy assignment. Or it
would be—if only he could keep his thoughts (and mouth) off his target…

It’s not long before Rowan is caught between what he’s always wanted, and the prospect of a love he never expected. But in the end, is happily ever after even a possibility for a royal and the poor, former street urchin sent to kill her?

Forever My Princess

She’s not who he thinks she is. But she just might be everything he needs…

Tired doesn’t even begin to describe how Princess Elena of Atharia is feeling. A brief respite from the pressures of her position will do her good. Unfortunately, rest isn’t something royalty is typically afforded. But she’ll do what is necessary to escape her responsibilities for a time—even if it means becoming someone else entirely…

Lord Theodore Ward has no love for the wealthy. But if he doesn’t marry well soon, he’ll lose everything. And his hunt for a perfect bride cannot begin while his mother is unwell and unattended. So, hiring a lady’s companion is the only option. Then the lovely Elena Smith arrives at his door and his plans become
infinitely more complicated…

When all the truths and secrets come to light, can these opposites find their way to happily ever after? Or will Theo lose his princess forever?

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  • Royal Romance
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  • Regency Romance
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