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The Notorious Lord Sin (The Wayward Woodvilles, Book 9)

The Notorious Lord Sin (The Wayward Woodvilles, Book 9)

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Love might be the only luxury she can’t afford…

Paris Smith remembers the days when she was penniless all too well. The pain of being deemed unsuitable for marriage by her first love never truly faded. Now, she’s a widowed Countess with more money than she could ever spend, and the man who nearly destroyed her wants a second chance. Oh, how the tables have
deliciously turned…

The last thing Dominic Parker wanted was to hurt Paris. He’d loved her with his whole heart. But he’d needed to marry well to protect the Viscountcy, so he’d let his head overrule his heart, shattering hers in turn. Now,
everything has changed. And while he’s reasonably certain he can convince her to let him into her bed, getting into her heart again is another matter entirely…

With the sins of the past—and secrets of the present—working against them, is happily ever after even possible? Or are Paris and Dominic destined for heartache once again?

Main Tropes

  • Heiress Widow
  • Second Chance Romance
  • Regency Romance
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