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Scandalous London Box Set, Books 1-3 (Audiobook)

Scandalous London Box Set, Books 1-3 (Audiobook)

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A Gentleman's Promise

Charlotte King bows to family duty and marries a man who traps her in a bad marriage, her life an endless cycle of pain and fear. That is, until Lord Helsing shows her another way to live.

Lord Mason Helsing upon returning to London, finds his friend Charlotte is in a loveless and cruel marriage. Should he throw away the principles by which he lives and follow a different path in life?

Divorce for Charlotte means ruination. And Mason is relied upon to marry well for his family. Can they overcome the strictures of society and live the life they’ve always wanted? Or will they bow to pressure and do as society deems appropriate?

A Captain's Order

Lady Eloise Bartholomew's trip abroad with her brother ends in tragedy when he dies. But with the conventions of English society suspended on the high seas, she finds passion in the arms of a rugged ship's captain, only to be dumped back into the ton, still burning from the fire ignited in her and the loss of the only man she ever loved.

Gabriel Lyons, the Duke of Dale, never intended to set foot in London again. But when his brother dies, and the woman who claimed his heart brings him home, he knows he has to face his past. He can only pray their love will survive the scandal that sent him away.

A Marriage Made in Mayfair

Miss Suzanna March dreams of the elusive, rakish charmer, Lord Danning. But after a frightful first season, her dreams are crushed. That is, until she returns to London a new woman, and one who will not let anything stand in her way of gaining what she wants: revenge on the lord who gave her the cut direct.

Lord Danning is in financial strife and desperate to marry an heiress. Miss Suzanna March fits all his credentials. But will Suzanna fall for pretty words from a charmer? Or will Lord Danning prove to Suzanna that she is more than his ticket out of debtor's prison?

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Main Tropes

  • Box Set
  • Scandalous Love
  • Regency Romance
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