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My Reformed Rogue (The Wayward Yorks, Book 2)

My Reformed Rogue (The Wayward Yorks, Book 2)

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He thought he’d reformed. But maybe he was just destined to be a rogue forever…

Inheriting the title of marquess saved Daniel’s life. Literally. Without it, he would’ve remained in London, indulging in all the vices that plagued him. Now, he can finally focus on his responsibilities and become a better man. Letting his lovely and infinitely fascinating new neighbor assume he was a lowly groom was
not on his agenda. But sadly, that’s exactly what he did…

Lady Anwen Astoridge loves horses more than people sometimes.
Especially after what happened during her last Season. So, when she meets an honest, amusing, and charming groom she actually likes, she’s shocked. If she could, she’d choose him over any of the titled gentlemen in London. Too bad her family would never allow that to happen…

When Daniel’s true identity is revealed, can Anwen forgive his deception? Or will this
supposedly reformed rogue be denied a happily ever after with the woman of his dreams?

My Reformed Rogue, book 2 in the Wayward Yorks series. A sexy and spicy, friends to lovers Regency historical romance. Download today and get ready to fall for Daniel and Anwen.

Main Tropes

  • Mistaken Identity
  • Different Social Spheres
  • Regency Romance
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