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In the Duke of Time (The Wayward Yorks, Book 4) (Ebook)

In the Duke of Time (The Wayward Yorks, Book 4) (Ebook)

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Nothing overpowers the bitter taste of betrayal faster than forbidden love…

Lady Evie Bourbon should be happy. Sadly, her deceitful husband made that impossible. Escaping to Scotland seemed like her only option. It was just her unfortunate luck that she was attacked by highwaymen along the way. What remains to be seen is if the man who came to her rescue and offered to protect her—for a fee—is the hero of her story, or just another villain…

The Duke of Ruthven is an honorable man, but also a practical one. So, he’s not ashamed of asking a damsel in distress to pay for his services. What he never intended to do, however, was fall for the lovely Evie’s charms. But through the quaint villages of England and misty lochs of Scotland, that’s exactly what he does…

If Evie and the Duke have any hope of claiming a happily ever after, they’ll have to confront the demons of his past…and her present. In the end, will they defy the odds and prove that love can triumph over betrayal?

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Main Tropes

  • Forced Proximity
  • Scottish Historical Romance
  • Regency Romance
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