The Weekend That Was

Only a short Blog from me this week, as not much has been happening that is really of any interest. As most Aussies know, SA had a public holiday Monday so a long weekend for us. It rained which was nice, but annoying for the kids. We did venture outdoors and walked Alligator Gorge that is not far from us, (half-hour or so by car). This was great, the kids loved the walk and with the rain the gorge dripped and puddles pooled. It was really pretty. On the Monday, other than catching up with friends and lazing the day away not much was achieved.

So…not a lot of writing or editing happened my end. I have buckled into it from Tues, and thanks to my cp’s blistering speed, the polishing is coming along nicely. Why is it that after the millionth read through, fresh eyes always pick up what we’ve missed? But, we thank them for it 😉 phew.
Once this book is gone and after a huge sigh of relief is expelled, I will buckle down a do a synopsis on my second novel, ‘Eternity in Time’ then it’s onto my ‘Penworth’ series. I read through the first few chapters of this book the other night and have to say I love it. I’m itching to get back to it and I can’t wait to write what I already know what happens. Squeeee, you can probably tell, I can’t wait to write this book.
I’m off, kids and bedtime call.
Happy writing everyone.

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