The Lords of London are coming!

I’m so so excited to tell you all that my new series, LORDS OF LONDON will start releasing from Monday, July 16 to ALL good online bookstores! TO BEDEVIL A DUKE up until now has only been available through Amazon’s Kindle Worlds and unfortunately only to US readers, but from Monday that all changes. I’ll be releasing To Bedevil a Duke wide and in print! Along with that, at the end of the month, book two in the series, TO MADDEN A MARQUESS releases as well! So it’s all happening and I’m so so excited for you to read the books.

At this time I’m madly writing book three, TO TEMPT AN EARL, which is also available for pre-order, and that book will release Sept 12, so even that’s not too far away. The reviews for book 1 and 2 have been wonderful so far, and just for release week, book 2 will remain at the discounted price of 99c so make sure you grab your copy.

To Bedevil a Duke

To Madden a Marquess

To Tempt an Earl


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Happy reading!


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