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Tamara Gill – Romance Author – Blog: “So, it’s a New Year and for the first time I’m making a resolution.

My aim for the year is to land an Agent.

I’m going to edit A Stolen Season, send it to my cp partner and then resubmit. At this time it’s still out on submission, however should I get a decline to offer representation, I’ll get more feedback before submitting again. A long shot, but, I also entered this ms in the RWA America, Golden Heart Award. Have to be in it to win it…right? We’ll see…

My second novel, Eternity in Time, which is under final edits now, I’m going to start submitting to Agents, very soon. So that will mean a synopsis will have to be written (not favourable in my book) and a query letter. This novel, I’ve also entered it in the RWA Australia Emerald Award and the North Texas Romance Writers of America, 2010 Great Expectations Competition.

My Penworth Series is also coming along nicely. Isolde (book 1) is finished and will require final edits before I’m ready to let it out into the world. Beth (book 5) is my current WIP, and had not Christmas and New Year happened, would have taken up most of my time. This book so far, has been fun to write, and I’m enjoying it immensely. I’m hopeful by June both these books would have had final edits and be ready for the RWA Australia STALI competiton, which opens in August.”

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