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Tamara Gill – Romance Author – Blog: “So, the New Year is up and running and so far I’ve kept on track. Between me and my cp partner my Emerald entry is coming together nicely. No doubt I’ll tweek and tweek and probably tweek some more before I submit to agent. But as it stands, I’m happy with it. My mum, loves it. LOL

I’ve added a Calendar to my website. It shows when contests are up and winners announced. Contests that I’ve entered anyway. Just a little bit more fun for me 😉

Just a short, ok, very short blog today, as I’m upto chapter 9 and on a roll. I’m anxious to finish the edits, so I can get back to my Penworth series. Book three is growing every day in my head. Not to mention book two my current WIP which is screaming at me.

All fun. Have to love being a writer. I do.
May the muse be with you.

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