School’s Back!

Is that a sigh of delight I hear echoing around Australia? Yes, school’s back on Monday for many of us Aussie writers, some already heading into their second week. And as much as I love my boys, it’s been a long nine weeks trying to keep them occupied. I don’t think I’ve always succeeded, but I have tried. We’ve visited family, went to the movies, visited friends, went swimming, played at playgrounds the list goes on. Even with all these activities, I do believe they’re looking forward to Monday and so am I.
Not only because of school, but due to a house we’ve been building over the last 14 months will be completed with handover on Wednesday. It’s been a long time coming and I’m looking forward to being able to live there. I will be able to scribble away to my hearts content through the day in a quiet home, hubby at work and kids at school. I do believe I’m a little spoilt. Talking of writing I’m over at Sarah Ballance’s blog on Friday 4th February talking about writing and my latest release A Captain’s Order – A Duke’s Command. Drop in and say hi, one lucky guest (I hope *g*) will walk away with a copy of the novella.
Happy writing.

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