Schools Back

So I sent my eldest son off to School today. Year 1, cannot believe it. My youngest starts Kindy tomorrow. No children at home will be strange. Someone mentioned the other day, it was time for another, then. Not for us, two is plenty and my third child has become the written word.

After much pain, well to be honest, lots of pain, my editing on my Emerald entry is almost done. Hopefully today I will receive some pages back from my cp, which will push me closer still to a completed ms. I’m looking to submit this book to agents come February. It’s very different to my first Time Travel novel, and hopefully will spark some interest.

I’m sort of at a standstill in my writing career. Because I write single title ms, I cannot move unless I get an agent or editor interested in my work. Not to say I’m not trying, I am. But, gosh, its a long drawn out process. Patience is a virtue they tell me, *chuckle*.

I have some work out now in competitions. I think I’ve become a competition junkie to some extent. By end of Jan the RWA Australia Emerald Award, second round finalists will be notified. I’m hoping to be one of them. End of February The North Texas Romance Writers Great Expectations Competition finalists are notified. And finally I entered the Yellow Rose RWA, Winter Rose Competition. All comps give feedback, which is never a bad thing.

Back to the editing for me. Hope everyone here in Aust had a wonderful Aussie Day!
Happy writing.

2 thoughts on “Schools Back

  1. Becca J. Heath

    Good luck with school! My oldest starts school at the end of the year… kindy is back tomorrow and i think her little siblings will miss her.
    Good luck with the contests too!

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