Sagging Middles & Other Stuff!

Now, I’m not talking about needing to do sit-ups – although I’m sure that wouldn’t go astray with me either. But what I’m talking about is the dreaded middle all ms have. The spot where the writer needs to keep the centre of the book moving forward, add tension and drama, but not just scenes that go nowhere and do nothing. Its a tricky maneuver that I myself am slowly plodding through. I’m bringing forward my secondary plot ‘the villian’ and making him do his thing. Adding tension which halts the course of love for my heroine and hero. And of course, they still have a lot of their own issues to deal with and work out, thanks to a mistake in their youth. So I think I’m getting there and correctly so. I’ll get through it, and the ms will probably read a lot better than I currently think it does. Always a concern of mine. I just have to keep telling myself its a first draft.
On to other news, I didn’t final into the top four this year for the RWAust Emerald Award. Poo to me, but my congratulations go out to the girls who did make it. I’m just stoked I made it past the first round. My aim next year is to make the second, or be published, whatever comes first. 😉
Wishing all mothers everywhere a ‘Happy Mothers Day’.
Mine will be great. I’ll be past the sagging middle by then.

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