RWAus 2010 Conference

Well, I’m back from my first Romance Writers of Australia conference, and all I have to say is, ‘WOW’! Did I have a blast, you betcha. I enjoyed every second of being in Sydney and staying at the absolutely beautiful Crown Plaza, Coogee beach. It was very grand, to say the least.
Coogee Beach – Sydney
Due to the fact I flew into Sydney on Friday afternoon, instead of attending any workshops, I took myself off to the ARRA (Australian Romance Readers Association) book-signing event. Where I had a few star-struck moments with the authors who were present. Christine Wells, Kerri Arthur, Anna Campbell the list goes on. Needless to say, I spent too much money in there. Don’t tell my hubby. 😉
Heather Boyd and Me
Friday night the RWA members kicked up their heels at the Harlequin Fantasy Island Cocktail Party. I joined in with the fun and dressed up as a flapper. Had a ball and met so many friends, I only knew up to then, online.
Sat I attended the agent/editor/pub panel. This was amazing and so insightful. It was really great to hear what these ladies had to say about the markets, what they were looking for and what they weren’t. Could have listened to them all day. I did a workshop with Malanie Milbourne and had a light bulb moment all thanks to Pretty Woman. I’ll never look at that movie again in the same way.
Sat arvo I sat in my second workshop with Nalini Singh. She was amazing and so knowledgeable about the paranormal genre. Although my paranormal leap is only as far as time-travel, it was great to hear a New York Times bestseller speak. And yes, I was a little star-struck for the whole 90minutes as well.
Anna Campbell & Me
To finish off Sat I went and attended an pub author chat on Historical Romance. What can I say, other than it was brilliant and topped off a great day. I just love listening to what people in the know have to say about the market I’m trying to crack into. They are insightful and always helpful, and such a pleasure to listen to. 
Emerald Winner Alli Withers
Sat night was topped off with the RWAus awards dinner. The food was scrumptious and the company, again, just mind boggling. I had a blast and ended the night at the bar with friends. To say I had a ball was an understatement. It’s just wonderful to be around people who have the same goals and likes as myself.
Just wanted to thank all the RWAus conference committee for a wonderful writers weekend. You blew my expectations out of the water. It all seemed to flow so easy for us delegates and we couldn’t possibly thank you enough for all your hard work throughout the last twelve months.
Bring on Melbourne 2011!!!
Tam 🙂

9 thoughts on “RWAus 2010 Conference

  1. Karlene Blakemore-Mowle

    So glad you had a great time. This was only my second conference and I have to say they keep getting better! I met so many more people this year and got so much more out of the whole event. Look forward to seeing you next year!

  2. Tamara Gill

    Hi Karly, thanks for dropping by.
    RWAus conf was amazing and much more busier than I thought it would be. I did see you at the ARRA event and got a signed copy of your book but was too scared to say who I was. LOL. I'll be better next year.
    Tam 🙂

  3. Tamara Gill

    Thanks for dropping by, Shayne.
    Isn't it annoying, I had so many people I wanted to meet, and missed nearly all of them. I should have kept looking at everyone's stomach. LOL.
    See you in Melb!
    Tam 🙂

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