RWA Australia Emerald Award 2010 Single Title

I’ve finalled into the 2nd round of the Emmy. *enter screaming writer* I still cannot believe it! I’ll admit it, I’m over the moon. My apologies go out to my family for driving them nuts over the last week since the category 2nd round final came out. *blush*
Thanks Deb and all the judges of the Emerald. You’re all wonderful and hard working for RWA Australia. Mwah.
Congrats to my fellow finalists, let the games begin, hey. The next week will be bedlam for all of us, I’m sure.
Hugs to all the other entrants. I’ve been on that side of the line as well. Last week in fact. Chin up, see, good things do come to those who wait. Although in my case, an impatient wait.
I’m off to editing land. See you next Wednesday.

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