Have been busy working on my current wip, the ‘Penworth Series’ which is coming along nicely. These books are regency romances based in London in 1805. The stories are about the six children to the Duke of Penworth. And of course, their trials and tribulations along their path to love. Book one is already complete and awaiting an edit by me, then a final polish between me and my cp. Book five, my current wip is nearly at 20k and steaming ever upwards. I have to say, its a nice break from my time travel novels which I do adore, but having been writing, editing, polishing them over the last year and a half, I’m enjoying being away from the paranormal side of my brain.

Having said that, I am about to start a final polish on my RWA Emerald Award second round finalling ms ‘Eternity in Time’. So I suppose my break from the strange was never going to be that long. I had a lot of fun writing this ms, a Medieval time travel and look forward to sending it out to agents and see what they think. There is nothing more fun than putting a smart independant 21st century woman in front of a medieval Baron and let the sparks fly. However, the only problem I have with sending out this ms, is the fact I have to write a synopsis. This word believe it or not, scares the bejeebers out of me. I’m a panster writer, so to have to sit down and write an outline is very strange notion indeed. Thus, Eternity in Time has three synopsis written and all of them I hate. My poor cp will no doubt curse me when I send my final draft through. 🙂

Happy writing.

One thought on “WIP

  1. Bronwyn

    Hi Tam,

    It seems to be a common trend among writers to change genres and or time periods doesn't it? I had to switch it up after my regency noir. After writing something so dark, I had to go back to a light contemporary to get my brain back in some kind of order. Sounds like you do the same thing =)
    I'm impressed you are on book 5! That's fantastic!! Good luck with it all and keep tapping away =))


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