Plans, Plans & More Plans.

Been quite busy of late and I’ve decided I need to plan my writing future and have goals I need to meet. Some of which I’ve already taken steps toward achieving.

Recently I had a full request from a US agent, which I was ecstatic about since the ms I emailed to her finaled this year into the second round of the RWAus Emerald Award. Sadly she rejected it with minimal comments. I’m not the type of writer who will email an agent back and ask for further explaining. I just move on and hope for the best.

Sad to say, I’m not really getting anywhere. I need an agent so they can sub my book(s) to the publishers. I’m not willing to send them to publishers myself and gamble with their future. So I decided instead of wallowing in self doubt (which is what I did last week) I would take active steps to reach my publishing goal. This is my plan.

I’ve entered all RWAus contests with new and old manuscripts. The Emerald and STALI.

I will be entering the RWAus 5DI and praying that I receive a place for five days mentoring. I think I’m close but there is something that I’m obviously doing wrong. Hopefully if I land a place with the 5DI I might be able to figure out what I need to improve and fix the problem.

I plan on entering more US contests. I’ve already entered one, The Emily this year. Not sure when I’ll hear the results of this comp, but you have to be in it to win it, right?

Because I write Regency and of course Time Travel, which always includes historical settings, I joined the Beau Monde. By being a part of a group that has such unbelievable talent, I’ve already learnt a lot. The topics they discuss are great and the mind boggles at the knowledge some of these ladies have.

I wrote and subbed to Noble Romance a Regency Historical Naughty Nibble. They’ve received it and now I’m in the waiting stage. It was a fun short story to write and I really enjoyed it. With any luck so with they and they’ll publish it for me. *crossing fingers*

I also started a critique group for historical based romance writers. Happy to report we’re going along well and getting along fantastically (see last blog).

So this is the plan and I’m sticking to it. Perhaps some other agents may ask for some pages to read and sign me up. You never know. Stranger things have happened.

Happy writing everyone.


3 thoughts on “Plans, Plans & More Plans.

  1. Bronwyn

    Hi Tam,

    I'm in the exact same place! Isn't it frustrating to not know what's holding you back?? Maybe I might apply for 5di as well… I've been tossing it up but I can only afford either the 5di or the conference 🙁

    Good luck with the naughty nibble and getting an agent! I'm sure you're nowhere near as far off as you think!


  2. Tamara Gill

    Hi Bron.
    Thanks for dropping in.

    It IS so frustrating not knowing what the problem is. That's why I thought the 5DI may be a good option for me. And I'm the same, I won't be attenting the conf should I get a place. But we are told early March if we're successful so there is still time to book for Melb in that case. We hope. :0

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