New Release – A Stolen Season: Bath!!

I’m so excited to share the news that book two in my much loved Regency time travel series is out today!!! Huzzah and happy release day, A Stolen Season: Bath! I’m so excited to share Richard’s story with you all, whom you should remember from book one. Book two sees Richard head back to the early nineteenth century, but what he finds there is not what he expected. Could our hero finally find love? What a shame she’s from the wrong century…


Nothing can disrupt the flow of time…not even love…

Archaeologist Richard can’t abide a mystery. But after one of the most frustrating digs of his career, that’s exactly what he has on his hands. How could an estate simply disappear? What happened to the woman who lived there? Did she flee, or was she murdered? Sadly, there’s only one way to get answers, and that’s to travel back to the place in time he never wanted to revisit—the nineteenth century.

Lady Catriona needs a change. A little rebellion against her unfaithful husband is long overdue. This season, she will re-enter society and take a lover who can distract her from the pain of her horrible marriage. Perhaps the handsome visitor from abroad who just arrived in Bath would be up to the task…

Decadent, sensual nights melt into the happiest days Richard and Catriona have ever known. But he can’t stay, and she can’t leave—even as enemies threaten her at every turn. Can Richard find a way to save Cait without destroying the timeline? Or is he doomed to lose the only woman he’s ever loved to a cruel twist of fate?

**WARNING: This book contains scenes of domestic violence. **

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