A Marriage Made in Mayfair!

The title says it all really. Yes, A Marriage Made in Mayfair is my next novella I’m determined to be published. After some weeks away from the computer, my muse is talking to me again, and the ms is coming along nicely. The break worked out well really, since over the last few weeks my cp hasn’t been available so the second opinion (hers) I don’t move on with without, couldn’t be done anyway. But we’re all back on board and the book is looking to be subbed in the next few months. Definitely before my third child is born in Oct in any case. If you want to read more about this ms please click here.
I’m also working on my single title, a complete rewrite on, A Stolen Season with my mentor who said I nailed the first chapter, which was such a relief, because I can now move on knowing that the beginning is at least correct. Lets hope I can continue nailing the story all the way through the book. If you want to know more about this ms please click here.
Happy writing and editing everyone. I know I will be.

2 thoughts on “A Marriage Made in Mayfair!

  1. Tamara Gill

    Thanks Shayne for dropping by and for the congrats!!
    If you want to read more just click on the word 'here' and it should take you to the ms page on my website.
    Tam 🙂

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