Making a list and checking it twice.

Instead of blogging, I should be writing but alas, I’m so tired tonight I don’t have the motivation. So I’m updating instead about what I’ve done and still to do in my writing life. Last month I posted about active steps I’m taking to become published. These are the latest developments.

  • STALI (RWAus Single Title & Loving It competition.) Entered and results due out mid Nov.
  • Emerald Award (RWAus Single Title ms competition.) Entered and received confirmation my entry was received and all okay today. 🙂
  • 5DI (latest Hearts Talk notified the members early in the new year we can apply. I’m on the case.)
  • The Emily (entered and waiting on results. Not sure when I’ll hear these.)
  • The Erotic Regency Short story procured some interest and I’m now waiting to hear from an e-publisher. *fingers crossed*
  • Risky Regency Critique Group is into its second month and going well. Yay!
  • Submitted my time-travel ms to five literary agents yesterday. Not that I expect much luck, I don’t think anyone likes this genre atm. 🙁
  • NaNoWriMo. Yes I signed up and have added 4348 words to the wip. I’m happy and determined to, if not finish the book, be bloody well close to doing so by the end of the month. If anyone wants to add me as their buddy I’m under Tamara Gill.

That’s the latest.
Wishing everyone well in competitions, submissions or Nano writing, whatever it may be.

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