Short blog today as I’m busy adding the final touches to the second novel in my Penworth Series, a story about a Duke and his children. I’m doing the 50k in 30day challenge to finish this ms which I’ve done, but I’m short 7k. So I’ve decided to add some villain scenes into the mix. Love my villains.
Other news, I’m doing a final polish on my Emerald second round finalling ms so I can send it off to agents and see if anyone bites. Sigh, can only hope. I fell like I’m stuck where I am and need something, a contest final, a request anything to move me forward. In the mean time, I’m writing like mad and enjoying not having to write to a deadline. Although, I can’t wait for that to end.
And on top of all the above, (if that wasn’t enough), I started the third ms in the Penworth series. Hit the 3k mark yesterday which is a good start. Better than zero word count.
Happy writing everyone.
See you in July.
Tam 🙂

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