Here we go again…

Yes, its RWAus competition time again. Has it really been twelve months since I submitted my ms’s into their first comp’s ever. Well, I suppose it has been, and again this year I’ll try my luck and see where it takes me.

I entered the RWA’s Single (Title) and Loving it contest last year and was shocked speechless when a ms that I’d only just finished and hadn’t edited *gasp* came in 9th overall. Being my first comp, I was stoked to come in at that place and the feedback was wonderful. And of course the majority of the feedback had lots of helpful tips that referred to me editing the ms. *blush*.

Which of course I did, and then entered it into another competition, the RWAus Emerald Award. I finaled into the second round this time, and was so excited because the full ms was read and critiqued by three judges. Their feedback has helped me find plot mistakes I hadn’t noticed, showed me where I was telling *grin* and make the ms all the more tighter and hopefully a better read.

Nervously I’m also entering a ms that I wrote earlier this year. Its my first regency (no paranormal element of time-travel in it) to ever go before judges. This ms though has had a lot of editing. Not only through my wonderful cp, Jo but an online historical critique group I’m apart of. If a judge finds a mistake, I’ll take my hat off to her.

So I’m wishing my two ms’s good luck and everyone else who enters the RWAus STALI, Emerald, HM&B High Five, Selling Synopsis, First Kiss, Valerie Parv, First Kiss etc etc. I can’t stress enough how entering in competitions where the feedback is constructive and ever helpful is a major step forward for aspiring writers like myself.

Who really needs to email her STALI entry to Karly.

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