H.C. Brown – Flogger Holiday Anthology

Please welcome H.C. Brown to my month long blog party, celebrating my Regency Naughty Nibble ‘To Sin with Scandal’ due out December 27 with Noble Romance Publishing.

H.C. Brown’s book, ‘Flogger Holiday Anthology’ is scheduled for release December 20. So glad to have you here, Heather!!!

Flogger’s Holiday Anthology is an anthology with yourself and Noble Romance writer Stormy Glenn. Can you tell us what was involved or needed to be covered in your story for the anthology to work? First, I must say it’s great to have another story published by Noble Romance. I loved working with Stormy again, she is such an inspiration. It seems we both have the same yen when it comes to writing about men or better still – two or three men. *wink*

Flogger is a gay BDSM club. Both stories are stand alone, delicious, erotic, love stories. They are based around two alpha male Doms and a slave auction at Floggers.

Can you tell us a little more about the book? My story is Dominate Me. My Dom is a tortured alpha by the name of Nash Mage. His sub, Damien, walked out and left Nash a dangerous and angry man. He is living on the edge. Nash needs a sweet sub to turn his life around, beneath his ‘bad boy’ image he is a Dom looking for love.

How much fun did you have writing this book, or were there times when you wanted to throw up your hands and walk away? This is my first contemporary BDSM book. I enjoyed telling this story. It was exciting to be inside the head of Nash Mage. I am in the process of writing more highly sensual BDSM. My next one is M/F but I will be writing another M/M BDSM very soon.

For those writers out there reading this and trying to break into publication, what advice would you give them? Never give up. We all get rejections. Saying to you that you should keep writing while you wait is good advice but to be honest, I can’t write a word during the submission process.

Did I get upset when I got a rejection- damn right I did—I’m only human. I put that story away and forgot about it, then started another one straight away.

Getting that first story published and continuing have your stories published is a lot of work. Learn from rejections, learn your craft and most importantly make sure you follow the submission guidelines.

Are you apart of any writing or critique groups? Would you recommend other aspiring authors to join organisations like the ones you mentioned? And how have they helped you to succeed and become a published author? I’m a member of RWA. I have manuscript readers who are not authors and critique partners. It’s a two way deal with CP’s we help each other improve our work. I need my manuscript readers because they give me important feedback. All these people contribute to becoming successful. Another thing, never be afraid to let your imagination gain wings and fly. Write from the heart and it will show in your work.

What’s next for H.C. Brown?

These are in the final stages.

Shifters and Demons – A new Pride of shifters for Noble Romance.

Make Me, Break Me, Love Me  – A BDSM, Sci-Fi, M/F

Flashover- A Sequel to BURN – Sizzling Aussie Firemen

Nox – Book 2 Chronicles of Fae

Book 4 – Pride Brothers Series- Hawke


Nash Mage, a six five, leather clad ball of muscle, is living on the edge. Damien, his control freak of a sub, left without a word. Teetering on the bounds of control Nash’s BDSM world begins to disintegrate. He wants what every Dom craves, a sweet innocent sub he can train to fulfill his every desire.

When Paul Martin enters Flogger’s Holiday Auction looking for his first BDSM experience, Nash thinks all his Christmases have come at once. Young, barely legal with a slight build, Paul is just the way he likes his subs. Nash wants this delicious man with a passion—so do the other Doms. If Nash secures the winning bid on Paul at the Floggers Auction, will he get to keep his prize?

Rafe, a very serious Dom, wants Danny the minute he spots the sexy little man dancing at Club Flogger. Rafe is used to getting what and who he wants.

When Danny refuses, it sends Rafe into a whirlwind of arousal and confusion, especially since he knows the little submissive is interested.

Can a Christmas auction give Rafe what he needs or will it leave him wanting more?


Thank you, for joining me today, Heather, and may I wish you all the best with your future writing career. Flogger Holiday Anthology sounds like a great read, can’t wait to read it myself. Heather has been kind enough to say she will drop in over the day and reply to any questions you may ask, so feel free to chat, we welcome all comments. You can find out more about H.C. Brown, her book(s) and works in progress on her blog. To Purchase Flogger Holiday Anthology please visit Noble Romance Publishing.

(Unfortunately at this time we are unable to supply the book cover for Flogger Holiday Anthology – sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may cause) 

Yes, you read that right. To win a e-book copy of Flogger Holiday Anthology please supply the answer to the following question. (Answer can be found in the ‘Dominate Me’ blurb). What sort of sub does Nash Mage crave? One lucky winner will be pulled from a hat and H.C. Brown will forward you a copy of her book or you may choose from any of her previously published books with Noble Romance Publishing.
Good Luck!

And the winner is…Serena Tatti!!!!
Heather will forward you a copy of Flogger Holiday Anthology after its release date.

21 thoughts on “H.C. Brown – Flogger Holiday Anthology

  1. Jess Anastasi

    No comments yet? Where is everyone?!?
    Hey Tam, your blog party is kicking along great.
    HC, your books sound very edgy, not something I would have considered reading before, but maybe its time I expanded my horizons!
    So answer – Nash is looking for a sweet and innocent sub.
    Hope the rest of the day goes well.

  2. Bronwyn

    Hi Tam, Hi HC,

    Another great interview and another great looking book! This one sounds really spicy!

    Nash is looking for a sweet, innocent sub =)

    Throw me in the hat!


  3. Alli

    Hi Tam and HC,

    Great interview ladies:)

    HC, your story sounds amazing. *Spicy Hot* I'm curious to know who your main reader audience is. Men or women or both?

    Happy on-going blog party, Tam:)

    Answer – Nash craves a sweet, innocent sub he can train to fulfill his every desire.

  4. H.C


    My readers are both men and women. I receive emails from both. I try to get across the message that love has no boundaries, gay, straight, sub, Dom, Shifter or Fae. I always have a happy ending.
    I enjoy exploring different genres. I used to believe whips and floggers were cruel punishment until I spoke to a few people. Oh boy were my eyes opened. I like to keep the Dom a person who is there foremost for the pleasure of his sub.
    In all my books I like to get into the heads of my characters so my readers can experience everything they are feeling. I hope they all go away with a warm fuzzy feeling by the time they reach the final page.

  5. Jo Duncan

    I got in! Again had to go to another computer…you are such a party girl, Tam!

    Congrats. H.C., your new story sounds veeerrry HOT … Doms..Subs… what happened to lying on your back and thinking of England??

    My Answer: Nash craves a sweet, innocent sub he can train to fulfill his every desire. Put me in the hat…love your writing H.C. Enjoy the rest of the party.
    Jo x

  6. Alli

    Hi H.C,

    It's great to hear your readers, both women and men, contact you. Thanks for answering my curiosity.

    I'm sure you do inspire the warm fuzzy feelings with your wonderful stories.

    Best of luck with your recent and up-coming releases:)

    *Waving Tam*

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