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Today I’m welcoming Terri Molina to my blog, who’s celebrating her latest release, HOUSE OF CARDS available now from Amazon. Terri has three books published with Decadent Publishing, Cobblestone Press and Crimson Romance. Welcome Terri and please tell us a little about yourself.
I’m Tex-Mex, born and raised in southeast Texas. I’ve been married over twenty years to my wonderful husband, now a retired Coast Guard Petty Officer. We have four beautiful children (who aren’t babies anymore) and two dogs. I write romance but in a variety of sub-genres, but all of my books take place in Texas and I like to blend in my Mexican heritage.
You’ve celebrated the release of 3 books, can you give us a little run down on what you have available and what genres they are in.
Like I said, I write in a variety of sub-genres. My first publication was a novella called Her Will, His Way. It’s a contemporary romance and a fun love story. Book two is my first novel and the first one I wrote, titled Forget Me Not. It’s a romantic suspense and available in both print and electronic format. Dark Obsession is a paranormal romance that is (very) loosely based on actual events. On October 15th, I released another romantic suspense called House of Cards.
Like me and many writers out there you’re a busy woman with not enough hours in a day. Where do you pull your time to write from and do you have any tips for those writers out there struggling to allocate time.
Well, unlike a lot of you, I don’t have a day job but I spend a lot of time driving my daughter to and from school (she’s special needs and doesn’t drive). So when she’s in class I go to Starbucks with my laptop and get in some writing time there. On the weekends I can pretty much write all day…when I’m not procrastinating on the internet or my husband doesn’t want to drag me to Home Depot. haha As for advice….best I can tell you is to keep a notepad with you and jot down your ideas or scenes when you can. If you’re like me, and inspiration hits while you’re driving, carry along a mini-tape recorder to record the scene. Then, if possible, find a quiet time in the evening (maybe after the kids get to bed) and squeeze in a few hours of writing.
Your new release sounds fantastic and a little bit scary! Can you tell us a little about the book, and what triggered the idea?
This book is a romantic suspense about a woman trying to prove her brother-in-law is a killer. A few years ago I was watching City Confidential on A&E and they did this story about a woman in Brownsville, Texas, who hires her curandera to kill the ex-boyfriend of her daughter. At the same time the trial for Scott Peterson (who killed his wife and unborn child) was underway. The Peterson defense was trying to convince the jury that Laci (the victim) was a ritual sacrifice. Of those two scenarios, plus another murder that happened in south Texas in 1989 sparked the idea.
blurb: “I think he’s going to kill me.”
A frantic phone call from her estranged sister sends Jesse Peña rushing home to Brownsville, Texas, only to find that Alicia –seven months pregnant– has vanished. Jesse is convinced her brother-in-law, Marcus Vega, is a killer but getting the police to listen isn’t easy, especially when Marcus announces that Jesse and her sister are borderline schizophrenic.
Detective Michael Cisneros is reluctant to believe Jesse’s allegation. After all, Marcus Vega is a prominent citizen with a tight alibi, and this isn’t the first time she’s charged him with murder. When Michael is accused of allowing a personal relationship with her to cloud his judgment, he is forced to accept what Jesse cannot–Marcus Vega is innocent.
Refusing to give up, Jesse continues her investigation unaware that she’s become entangled in a chilling plot that will risk her life and make her question her sanity.
How long did it take you to write House of Cards?
I’m embarrassed to say it took me nine years to write this book. There were a lot of factors that caused the delay…edits and promotion on the other three books, researching aspects of the story, and just my lack of confidence in writing this tale that caused me to hit a brick wall. But, once I figured out what the problem was with the story, I was able to complete it right away.
So, what’s next for Terri Molina?
Now that I’ve completed and published House of Cards it’s time to complete and publish my next book. This one is a paranormal called Body & Soul and is a follow-up to my paranormal Dark Obsession. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out. haha
Thanks for visiting, Terri. It’s been wonderful having you here. Congratulations again on your upcoming release! I wish you many sales and great reviews.
Thank you so much for having me, Tam!
You can visit Terri Molina at her Website, Facebook and Twitter.
Bio: Terri Molina is a native Texan, born and raised in Southeast Texas. She is an active member of the Romance Writers of America including the Northwest Houston Chapter and Desert Rose Chapter in Phoenix, Arizona. She writes multicultural romantic suspense, blending in the flavor of the Southwest with her Mexican heritage. After years of living a nomadic life with her Coast Guard husband, she now resides in Southeast Arizona with her husband, four children and a dog. When she’s not writing she enjoys reading, singing karaoke with the kids and spending time with family and friends.
Leave a comment to win an ebook copy of one of Terri Molina’s backlist of books. Terri will randomly draw five (5) winners who drop by and help her celebrate her latest release. Please leave your email address so Terry can contact you. Good luck!!

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  1. bn100

    Congrats on the book! The book does sound a little scary. Nice covers.


  2. Joanna Lloyd

    Loved the interview and its great to find another author who writes in many different genres. I don't stick to one and though it meant I had a short attention span :-). Your newest book sounds incredibly interesting Terri. Thanks Tam for letting us know about it.

  3. Cassandra Samuels

    Thanks for dropping by Terri. It is amazing where you can get inspirtion from. Tv and the news are a great resource.

    Congratulations on having 3 books out there and letting us know all about them.

  4. Vonnie

    Great that you've confessed to spending nine years trying to get it right. It DOES happen, more often than we think. Not all novels trip happily off the pen (actually, do any novels do that?) And see, because of those nine years while you wrote other stuff, you polished your book and watched it go in another direction. Good for you!

    Striking, apt covers Terri.

  5. Sue

    It's true that inspiration strikes in unusual places and at odd moments, but the best stories do have a truth about them and news stories are about real-life events so why not sift them for ideas. Well done. I really like the sound of your book. All the best for its success.

  6. Terri Molina

    Thank you, Everyone, for stopping by. Sorry I didn't return sooner, the day got away from me.

    Best of luck with the drawing. I also wanted to add, that for every book sold until October 31, $1 will be donated to the Texas Equusearch Organization, a company that helps locate missing people.

  7. Tamara Gill

    Thanks so much everyone for dropping by and helping Terri celebrate her upcoming release.

    And good luck with the prize draw! I wish I could enter. ;p

    Tam 🙂

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