Guardian, Daughters Of The Gods, Book II is here!!!!!

Today is the day! If you’ve been waiting for the second book in my DAUGHTERS OF THE GODS series then wait no longer. GUARDIAN is now available on Amazon!!! I hope you all enjoy the novella as much as I did writing it. Lelantos and Cat were a lot of fun to hang around with for a few months. Huge thanks to my editor Serena Tatti, my ever loving family and my fantastically talented critique partners. Big hugs to you all.
Daughters Of The Gods, Book II

Can love conquer hate, revenge and even family duty?

Caitlin, daughter of the most powerful god Zeus, has one mission. Hunt down the Titan who betrayed her father and kill him.
But what if your target is more human than deity, more wickedly attractive and sexy than anyone you’d ever met?
But Zeus is a god who does not forgive and Caitlin swore to obey the decree of Olympus.
Can she complete the quest asked of her? Or will a Titan, a sworn enemy, show this goddess that true love really can conquer all…

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