Good Luck ‘A Stolen Season’.

As some of you know, an agent in NY requested my first novel and my favourite out of all of them back in Oct of last year. Now, at this time, and in all honesty, I thought it was ready for the big wide world. OMG how wrong was I. As I became more confident with my writing I decided to enter competitions. Sounds like a normal progression in this type of career. Well it was. But by doing so, I started to get feedback from these said competitions. All was good, don’t get me wrong, they loved the story etc, but it seemed I had a few grammar rules to learn. hmmmm
During this entire time, A Stolen Season had been sitting in this agents inbox, waiting to be read. By January I couldn’t stand the thought of her reading the story as it was. So…I took a gamble and emailed her. I asked, ok I practically begged, for her to take it out of her line-up so I could do some revisions (code for complete overhaul) and then email it back to her.
Lucky for me, she emailed me back that same day and with a very nice ‘yes’. She told me I could resubit it to her when I was happy with the revisions. Needless to say, I buckled down and as of yesterday I finished.
Of course I’m worried about the odd spelling error, or that I’ve written something in the ms that I was supposed to remove later, but should that happen (and my God, I hope it doesn’t) I hope the story is strong enough for her to look past such errors and offer to represent me as her agent.
So, for the time being, my work is done on this particular ms. I’m already back typing away on my Duke of Penworth books (Regency Romance Novels) and loving every minute of not having to edit the words I’m typing. I have to say, this is my favourite part of writing, getting the story down and creating that wonderful world only I can see. Well, at the moment anyway.
Happy Easter and writing everyone.

2 thoughts on “Good Luck ‘A Stolen Season’.

  1. lisa heidke

    Hi Tamara,
    good on you for having the guts to email her and say you wanted to re work your manuscript!
    Fingers crossed for you. when I submitted my manuscript to M&B i receved a rejection letter wich started with 'great first line…all down hill from there.'
    I cried for days!
    But have now had two books published by Alen & Unwin.
    Never give up. If it doesn't work out this time, there will be a contract just around the corner. Good luck! Fingers crossed!

  2. Tamara Gill

    Thanks Lisa for dropping by and for your well wishes. My chin hit the floor reading about your R letter. That's crazy. And you're right, should she decline, I'll move on and keep looking. It's members of RWA like you that keep us unpublished authors going.
    Thanks so much for your support.

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