Everything runs in three’s…

They say everything runs in three’s. Well, that was certainly true last week for me. First we finally moved into our new home, and after sixteen months of building, it couldn’t have happened soon enough.
Secondly, I received word that I now have a mentor. To say I’m ecstatic about this is an understatement. She’s won the RWA Golden Heart for a Regency Novella, been nominated for a RITA and is multi published with HM&B Historical. I’m nervous about working with her, but she’s made me feel welcome and relaxed. I cannot wait to receive my first ever feedback from her.
Thirdly, we found out I’m going to have another baby. This would make three children in total, my hubby and I will now be officially out numbered. Because we’re due in Sept, I’ve decided not to go to the RWAust Conference in Melbourne. I’m so disappointed, as I was looking forward to this so much, but life sometimes throws you a curve ball and you have to go with the flow.
On the writing front, I’m editing a novella for Noble, one I hope to have in their inbox by the end of March. I’m working on my single titles with my mentor and waiting patiently for my cp to give me another chapter of hers. “Come on Jo, where is it???” *taps foot*
Happy writing.

5 thoughts on “Everything runs in three’s…

  1. Shayne

    This is wonderful news about 1. the baby 2. the mentor 2. the house.

    At least you'll be well and truly settled in by September.

    Air kisses your way from moi!

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