The End Of The Editing Road.

Yes, finally the ms that I have been polishing over the last eight weeks is done. Which means that by Tuesday (with any luck) it will be winging its way to NY where if I’m lucky enough the agent who requested said ms will love it and offer to represent me. 🙂
It’s been a long slog, but I have to say worth it, especially when you hold the story in your hands and know that at this stage (without the help of an editor) it’s the best its going to get.
So good luck, ‘A Stolen Season’ may the Gods that decide, grant you their favour and allow you to shine in hardback. Preferably in a cover that’s similar to Stephanie Laurens and Anna Campbells I’d be happy with. 😉
Happy writing everyone, which is what I’m now going to get back to. Yay!!!

4 thoughts on “The End Of The Editing Road.

  1. Anonymous

    You're such an inspiration. Good luck, Tam. I hope 'A Stolen Season' finds a home.
    ~Carol Warner~

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