Well, next week we finally know who finaled in the RWA Emerald award for Single Title manuscripts. Most who know me in the writing community know I’m all but pulling my hair out with this comp. Will have to chuckle to myself if I don’t progress through to second round. Onwards and upwards they say, LOL.

My congratulations go out to the Emerald Category second round finalists. Good luck with the final. Hope your ms are tweaked and ready to go and that fulls are requested from the final judge from Harlequin, when the time comes.

I entered two American competitions, mostly due to the feedback they supply and who is the final judge in each genre. North Texas Romance writers Great Expectations comp and the Yellow Rose Chapter, Winter Rose contest. You have to be in it, to win it. Right?

Short blog post today. As I’m finishing my edits on my Time Travel Medieval. Only a few pages to go. I’m so happy with this book. I’ve tried to up, the emotion level with my two characters. Hopefully I’ve been successful with this. The dreaded dark scene I tweaked tonight, was certainly very upsetting. Sad, but I hope to make people cry. That’s the point, isn’t it?

Both boys at school over the next two days. So book should be wrapped up and done by Friday. Well, until I tweak it again, in any case. About time to, as my characters from my Regency Penworth series are starting to bug me big time. Alright already, I’ll be there soon.

Happy reading and writing.
Tam x

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