An unexpected kiss on a darkened terrace is not how Miss Julia Woodville thought to commence her time in London, especially with the king of all rakes, Lord Cyrus Franklin, Marquess Chilsten. So it was no surprise to her when rumor had it that Lord Chilsten had married and was officially off the marriage mart, or so society thought.

Cyrus has secrets and shame that he carries daily, but after an impromptu kiss with Miss Julia Woodville, he knows he has to return to London if only to see her once more. A widower, he needs to marry well to save his family’s reputation, but Julia temps him at every turn, and remaining friends proves more difficult with every passing day.

When scandal threatens Julia, Cyrus cannot stomach seeing her ruined. Marriage is their only option. But will Julia forgive him his sins that he cannot keep hidden forever, no matter how much he may wish to?

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