A Marriage Made in Mayfair 4 STAR Review!

Night Owl Reviews has given A Marriage Made in Mayfair – available now from Decadent Publishing – a 4 STAR review!!! And it was such a lovely review that I’m totally stoked with it. Here it is below just in case you missed it. 🙂
Tamara Gill gifts traditional Regency fans with this fabulous conventional romance. Suzanna March is an engaging heroine; she is easy to sympathize with without being pitiable. It is almost effortless to relate to her even though she isn’t the usual young miss in these historicals. She is strong-willed and determined and I found myself rooting for. Lord Danning is a superior hero, a charming rake with enough mystery to ensure not only Suzanna is left guessing to his true feelings and motives but so is the reader! He is the type of dashing man all young girls dream about and he comes across as genuine where he could have been clichéd.
The supporting characters are as fabulously developed and the details are beautiful in this story. I am looking forward to reading the next book this author will be providing and I hope that some of the people I met in this story will make reappearances.
If a Marriage Made in Mayfair looks like a novella you’d enjoy you can buy it from Decadent Publishing, Amazon, B&N or Bookstrand.
Happy reading.
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