Media Kits

League of Unweddable Gentlemen series

From France, with Love ~ FROM FRANCE WITH LOVE_Media-Packet

Hellion at Heart ~ HELLION AT HEART_Media-Packet

Kiss the Wallflower series

A Midsummer Kiss ~ A MIDSUMMER KISS_Media-Packet

A Kiss at Mistletoe ~ A KISS AT MISTLETOE_Media-Packet

A Kiss in Spring ~ A KISS IN SPRING_Media-Packet

To Fall For a Kiss ~ TO FALL FOR A KISS_Media-Packet

Lords of London series

To Bedevil a Duke

To Madden a Marquess

To Tempt an Earl

To Vex a Viscount

To Dare a Duchess ~ TO DARE A DUCHESS_Media-Packet

To Marry a Marchioness ~ TO MARRY A MARCHIONESS_Media-Packet

A Stolen Season series

A Stolen Season

To Marry a Rogue series

Only an Earl Will Do

Only a Duke Will Do

Only a Viscount Will Do

Time Traveler’s Highland Love series

To Conquer a Scot

To Save a Savage Scot

Scandalous London series

A Gentleman’s Promise

A Captain’s Order

A Marriage Made in Mayfair

High Seas & High Stakes series

His Lady Smuggler

Her Gentleman Pirate

Defiant Surrender

Defiant Surrender

Daughters Of The Gods series