Chloe, beautiful and privileged daughter of a powerful god, literally has the world at her feet. Until she falls in love with a Scottish druid. Her enraged father sentences her to an endless cycle of birth and death; each life spent yearning for a man she no longer knows or remembers.

Scottish druid, Cian McKay searches the world for his long lost love, only to have her appear at the local pub in his highland hometown. Cian must win Chloe’s heart again but without the ability to tell her who she is.

Back in the place where she first loved Cian and fell from grace, Chloe’s memory haunts her with images that could not possibly be true. She must find the truth and the only way is a confrontation with the Deity who banished her a thousand years before – her father, Zeus.

“I absolutely loved it, I couldn’t stop reading. I’m intrigued by the whole “lost love in a past life” idea and was looking for a book with an interesting concept as such. It had everything I was looking for plus explicitly seductive (but not trashy) sex scenes as a bonus.”

“Cian and Chloe sizzle, fantastic series, highly recommended!”