His Lady Smuggler

After two failed seasons in town, May Stanford sees her future no longer with her family, but in a nearby convent where she’ll not be anyone’s financial burden. But before she can embark on her new life, May must complete her dealings with the local smugglers, men who have kept a roof over her family’s head during frugal times. One last Christmas at home and her life would change forever. So when William Scott, the Earl of Grandison arrives and crumbles her perfectly planned future to rubble, May is less than pleased.

William, Lord Grandison works for the Crown, and is determined to catch the nuisance Englishmen who dare smuggle along the Cornwall coast. William has never veered from his pursuit of these men working against the law, that was until he meets May Stanford, the maddening daughter of his host for Christmas. May drives him to distraction and forces him to admit to feelings he has never felt before.

But when May and William discover the crippling truth of each other, their secrets will threaten to tear them apart.

“Tamara Gill has written a Delicious, Sexy, Historical Romance. It is a triumph! A well planned future is no match for Love, especially teasingly hot, delectable love. I will definitely be reading more of this Author!”

“Tamara Gill was my introduction to the historical romance genre and now there is no going back for me.”

“This was the short but intriguing story of May, a young Lady who will do what she must for the well-being of her family, and William, the Earl of Grandison, who will have to make a difficult choice between doing his duty or following his heart…”