New Release – Dare to be Scandalous!!!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all safe and well during this trying time. This week marks the release of Dare to be Scandalous, book 3 in my League of Unweddable Gentlemen series. I hope you are all able to pick up a copy and lose yourself in Regency England for a little while. The book is available at Amazon or you can read it free with Kindle Unlimited. I hope you all enjoy the book and stay safe. Tam xx



After inheriting a small fortune, Willow Perry has everything she’s ever wanted. Except a husband, that is. But not just any husband will do. She’s looking for a grand love—someone who will challenge and excite her. It’s just her folly that the one man who interests her is a notorious rake. He’s as wild and passionate as Willow is sheltered and staid. Love between such polar opposites would be impossible … wouldn’t it?

Abraham Blackwood has devoted his life to the pursuit of pleasure. He’s perfectly happy to run his gaming den and ignore the expectations of society. But meeting the lovely Willow gives him another goal. Revenge. Making her pay for the sins her family committed against his will be easy. Ignoring how much he wants her—not only beneath him, but at his side, forever? That might prove to be infinitely more difficult.

When Willow discovers Abraham’s true intentions, can the fragile bonds they’ve begun to form survive? Or will the cards remain firmly stacked against their happily ever after?