85k In 7 Days!

No, I didn’t make a typo, I actually wrote that title. Is 85k possible in 7days? Well, the answer is yes. In my case anyway. Last Sunday I made it through to round 2 of the RWAustralia Emerald writing competition. Hence, screaming around the house ensued followed by absolute panic. Book wasn’t done. In fact, no where near done.
So I did what all sane writers do, I notified the contest coordinator I’d be going ahead with round two then sat before my laptop and didn’t move from there until 2am Monday morning. But let me just clarify, I didn’t have to write the whole book. There were already 100pages written and the book was currently being re-written, so I had 65k sitting on my hardrive. But nevertheless it took me all week, editing, copy-pasting, editing, re-writing, crying, panicking, editing, then printing before the book was posted Monday at 3pm.
Now, I don’t think I’ll final, not by a long shot, but I did enter the comp with the understanding it was for completed ms, so I had to give it a go and do the right thing. So now all 14 of us wait and see, either way I’m looking forward to the reader feedback, that in itself is worth its weight in gold.

4 thoughts on “85k In 7 Days!

  1. Leah Ashton

    Oh my goodness! That's extraordinary! I've written close to 4000 words in a single day before, but I can't comprehend 10,000+. Wow!

    Well done!

    And congratulations on making Round 2 of the Emerald, that's a huge achievement.

  2. Tamara Gill

    Hi Leah!

    Thanks so much for stopping by, and for the congratulations.

    Last week was a blurr, I'm only now catching back up. All I can say is thank god I never deleted the original ms. It saved my behind!

    Tam 😀

  3. Shayne

    I am so impressed. *shakes head* You are nutty! I am sending some of my accumulated good vibes (I have to save some for my nutty daughters) your way. You deserve to make it through on this marathon effort.

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